Design Services

We offer an initial free consultation to discuss one-on-one to get a personalized quote on your home plans.  Please allow an average of an hour for consultation meeting.  Contact our office today to schedule an appointment.

  • 1 Set of Construction Drawings includes: Title Page, first (and second if applicable) floor plan with door and window sizing; exterior elevations; roofing plan; building section(s); cornice detail(s), stair section(s); and electrical plan(s)
  • Modifications - (All design modifications and alterations are at $150.00 per hour)
  • Mirror Reverse Plans - $150.00 under 3000 sq.ft.H&C - $225.00 over 3000 sq.ft. H&C
  • Site Plan is NOT included in sets - Average Price for standard requirements range from  +- $350.00 up to $750.00
  • Slab on Grade Foundation Plans are NOT included in sets - $450.00 (Third Floor plans recommends a structural engineer to review and approve all foundation plans)
  • Single reduced study set - Includes floor plan(s) and elevations only
  • Custom design rates per foot may alter depending on municipality location, property limitations and HOA or ARC restrictions
  • Cabinets and interior elevations are not included in sets, but may be drawn per clients request at $150.00 per hour
  • All alterations or modifications after final approvals given shall be charged at $200.00 per hour.
  • Renovation/Addition or Consulting (All renovation/addition and consulting rates are at $150.00 per hour)
  • Remaining project costs are due upon final services rendered. (Finance charges apply to any project due over 30 days at 17.25%)
  • Third Floor Plans accepts all major credit cards.