AJ is wonderful to work with! Very knowledgeable, helpful and responsive to all of my questions and requests both times we've used him to design our house plans! I would highly recommend him!
-Katie Mitchell    

One of the most important people you will hire when you get ready to build your dream home is your home designer.  My husband and I have built four times. First three were purchased plans that we made a few changes to.  But this last house.....I knew EXACTLY what I wanted.  My builder suggested AJ Jones to draw my dream home.  I didn't know AJ, but after meeting with him, I knew he was perfect!  I met with him several times and he told me to share my thoughts of what I wanted this house to look like and I did.  I pretty much sketched out what I wanted on a piece of paper.....Told him I wanted a breakfast nook...a recesses reading area in our Master... a larger shower....with a dry area at one end....Gave him a pic of what I wanted the house to look like on the front.....open concept with a large deck on the back.....And then I gave him the square footage we could afford to build.  When AJ finished, we changed ONE THING....ONE...and we were thrilled with our home!  AJ is pleasant and so easy to work with.  And he was fair in his price.  What more can anyone want??? I am THRILLED we found AJ to draw our dream home......YOU will be also!

-Barbara & Bobby West    
Designing our new home was such a pleasant experience because AJ was so easy to work with.  After getting to KNOW us he had a feel for the style of house we wanted.  He listened to all of our many requests and incorporated those requests along with some innovative ideas of his own into our home design which we never would have thought of.  If something on the plans wasn't like we wanted it, at the next meeting he was happy to make any adjustments.  He was always willing to meet no matter how many times it took to help us create our dream home!
-Ann & Bruce Bartling